Standalone install

SmartWater® forensic spray system
covers offenders with a SmartWater®
forensic liquid containing a unique
forensic fingerprint, linking back to the
crime scene.

Security Cable Install

Sprays thieves with SmartWater® foren-
sic liquid upon cutting of a security cable

lock – used to secure valuable display

Linked install

Protect® security fog drives the offender

towards an area targeted by the Smart-
Water® forensic spray system.

Money Clip Install

Sprays thieves when a ‘trigger’ note is
pulled, either purposefully by a member of
staff or unknowingly by the thief.

Dual Nozzle Shopfront Install

SmartWater® forensic spray system with
dual nozzles that can protect either side
of doorways or shopfronts like a ‘virtual’
roller shutter.

Cargo System Install

Sprays offenders with SmartWater®
forensic liquid if they attempt to force
entry into the rear of a loaded lorry or