The SmartWater Foundation was formed in 2009 as a not-for-profit company, limited by guarantee, with the chief aim of providing free or subsidized access to cutting edge SmartWater® forensic technology to hard-pressed communities without the necessary financial resources.

Utilizing recently patented technology developed by SmartWater’s US and UK commercial entities and working in partnership with major law enforcement agencies worldwide, the enhanced traceable liquid technology represents a real risk to the criminal fraternity, particularly those unscrupulous enough to buy suspected stolen property, ‘no questions asked’.

As a result of our track record of helping law enforcement agencies secure convictions in Court, SmartWater has been proven, both operationally and academically, to be a most powerful deterrent to crime. More information can be found on the main website:

We are now focusing our research efforts on developing new forensic technology suitable to protect the World’s cultural heritage that is at risk of being stolen.

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